Friday, 29 July 2011

Mark wants to meet me!

What do you think? Should I do it? And will Sue be there?

Dear Dominic,

Thank you for your email. Just to remind you, my replies are sent on behalf of the business so I would assure you Sue sees your emails and sometimes contributes to the response!

Our 22.21 service on Tuesday night was held up by a signalling issue in Network's Slough control centre. It's something we have previously identified as an issue and Network Rail are working to fix this. Therefore, it's disappointing to have had a further problem and I have personally raised this with them. They are taking this seriously and I hope we won't see this issue again.

After passing through the problem area, your train was 10 minutes late but was given priority and we were able to make up time but still arrived into Oxford 7 minutes behind schedule. Our aim is to deliver you to your destination on time, every time and I fully appreciate how frustrating any delay can be, no matter how small and I am sorry for the inconvenience caused.

As mentioned in my previous email I am aware that performance on the Oxford-Paddington line is not as good as other routes we operate and we are working hard to address this. Both Sue and/or I would be happy to meet you to discuss current performance and what we are doing in the short and longer term. This could be on your morning journey into Paddington or at Oxford or Paddington stations or an evening service back from London. I live on the Paddington to Oxford route myself and use the trains every day for one reason or another. So, If you think this would be helpful, please let me know and we will arrange a suitable date.

Kind regards

Mark Hopwood
Managing Director


  1. As someone who used to reside in the UK ,I want to say :Dominic you are doing a great service! You should definitely meet with Mark (and Sue). Your blog shows the power of the pen! Keep it up!

  2. As someone who uses FGW between Twyford and Paddington everyday, I hope you go, they listen to you. I get rubbish responses from customer services- the train is overcrowded because there is a shortage of rolling stock and we can't buy any more carriages. Yet 1st class is largely empty and we can't sit in there- great use of resources.

  3. Yes, you're in it up to your neck now boy, you have to meet them!

    This will meeting comprise the most formative chapter in your book about it all that I'm looking forward to reading on Christmas morning.

    err unless the delays stop and there no more letters....

    Keep it up.

  4. Funny you should say that... we met this morning! See here:

    ps - good idea about the book Ens!