Friday, 27 January 2012

Another reply from Mark!

(I'm guessing he's more of a Celebrity Big Brother than Panorama kinda guy.)

Dear Dom
Thank you for your email. I am so sorry that our 18:51 was delayed last Friday
when our 18:45 to Swansea failed just outside of Paddington and blocked the
Unfortunately, I didn't get to watch the Panorama program in the end.
I hope you have had an enjoyable week off.


  1. Doesn't look like Mark Hopwood really cares any more does it. Typical FGW customer service policy - we were late, it was our fault, we don't care.

    The guy is a hopeless shambles representing his hopeless shambles of a business.

  2. You might have thought that the MD of a transporter operator that's criticised on a prime time national TV programme might have taken the time out to watch said programme. So he didn't catch it - hasn't he heard of iPlayer?!