Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Here's... Marky!

He's glad I've had less cause to write recently. Oh dear.

Dear Dom

Thank you for your email and I apologise for Friday's delay caused by a Network Rail signal failure at Maidenhead. .

I am pleased you have noticed some signs of punctuality improvement. This is partly because infrastructure failures have been few and far between in recent weeks and this really does reflect on how well we can perform when the network works as it should. The Cotswolds redoubling works are also now complete, which is already making a significant difference. We won't become complacent though and will continue to demand better from Network Rail and we will keep focussing on reducing those delay minutes we direct have direct control over.

I am glad you have had less cause to write recently and I very much hope this run of good performance continues.

Kind regards

Mark Hopwood
Managing Director

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