Friday, 28 October 2011

Mark! Back once again with the renegade master!

Dear Dom,

Thank you for your email and apologies for the delay to your journeys.

On Friday our 18:51 service developed a mechanical fault at Paddington which although was quickly repaired meant that our service had missed its scheduled path and subsequently arrived into Oxford 34 minutes late.

On Monday and Tuesday our 08:06 service to Paddington ran behind trains that were running late and caused a 7 & 10 minute delay to your arrival into London.

As I have mentioned before I view any delay as a disappointment and as a failure on our part to deliver the expected service. To address this we always review our own performance to see if we can do things better and I have a team who work tirelessly to ensure the service we provide is as good as possible. We don't get it right every time and clearly there is more to be done. You have my assurance I am committed to ensuring we will do better.

Kind regards


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