Monday, 10 October 2011

Mark! I thought you'd never write again!

Dear Dom,

Thank you for your emails and I am sorry for the lack of response so far.

At 16:30 on Monday we were informed of a signal problem in the Maidenhead area, which caused a number our services to be delayed while Network Rail's engineers fixed the defect.

Tuesday evening an identical signal problem occurred in the Gloucester area and regrettably, took far longer to repair. Even though the root cause of the problem was further up the network, a disruption like this can cause a number of trains to be held up and impact services throughout the evening peak period .

This morning, we faced another signal problem. We will keep pressing Network Rail to do better.

On Thursday our 08:06 service was held up when the train in front developed a mechanical problem and subsequently arrived into Paddington 16 minutes late. The 19:22 Paddington to Oxford service was delayed leaving Paddington station when a passenger, who was running late, attempted to board the service through an open window, after the train had commenced departure. Operating our services safely will always be a priority and concerned for the passengers safety the train was brought to a halt and the passenger asked to leave the service, which departed 7 minutes late as a result.

I do appreciate the frustration caused and I am just as disappointed as you are with these delays.

Kind regards


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