Thursday, 11 August 2011

Another reply from Ms Sue Evans!

She's more concise than Mark, that's for sure. More economic in her communicating style...

Dear Dom

Thanks for your email this morning.

Your delay last night was caused by the failure of Sandy Lane level crossing between Oxford and Banbury, which caused congestion in the area. The barriers were stuck in a lowered position, but cars were driving around them so, as you can imagine, our priority was to keep customers safe.

It's really not unreasonable for you to expect us to run to time and running a right time railway is exactly what we wish to achieve. Unfortunately, problems like this do crop up and I'm sorry about the effect this had on your journey.

I too hope things calm down in London tonight. It's a very sad and difficult situation, and I hope you stay safe.

Kind regards

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  1. I've got the answer for you Dominic - I know you won't like it but just move to Reading! It's not such a bad place as it looks from the train - these days we've got half a dozen pubs in the Good Beer Guide and three decent restaurants including an excellent Indian.The trains still run late but there are lots every hour so we don't give a toss about the timetable. My journalist friends recently moved out to New York so there's definitely space for you in Reading.And you can pop to Oxford for your culture in just half an hour! Come and try it for an evening - you won't regret it!