Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Sue speaks. Listen up.

Dear Dom

Thanks for your emails. We have not done so well this week, I agree, and I
am sorry.

On Wednesday our 08:06 service was late due to congestion on the rail
network and on Thursday it was late due to an earlier train having a fault
with one of its doors. Please accept my apologies.

I entirely understand your frustration with recent performance,
particularly on top of the Government's announcement about an RPI+3%
increase on regulated fares.

I explained earlier in the week that the extra money generated will be
going direct to Government, not to us, although this doesn't mean we will
be focusing any less on working to provide you with a punctual and reliable
Please do not feel your emails are annoying. Both Mark and I are happy to
correspond with you, although of course we would much rather all our trains
ran to time.

Enjoy your weekend.
Best wishes

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