Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Good Evans! A new reply from Ms Sue!

Dear Dom

Thanks for your email.

I too am disappointed the 08:06 service arrived into Paddington 4 minutes
late, especially after such a good run over the past few days. Please
accept my apologies.

A two minute delay loading bikes on an earlier service was the root cause
of the delay to your train. This had a knock on effect on the running of
others and the end result was congestion on the already very busy stretch
of line between Reading and Paddington at peak time.

It can only take a minute for delays to escalate, which is why it is so
important for us to get this right. We are focused on minimising delays at
stations and are working with our station teams to ensure customers with
bicycles know where to stand on the platform for loading them onto the

I hope you have a good weekend.

Kind regards

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