Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Sue communicates! Again!

Dear Dom

Thank for your email. I am sorry we delayed you on Monday evening.

An earlier train was late leaving the depot, which caused some congestion and as a result our 19:22 was held up at Reading.

I appreciate accuracy is important to you and it is equally important to us. Our train running data is gathered electronically, direct from points on the track, which pick up the time the train passes. It is then compared to the advertised timetable and logged. It is this log that we use to find out the cause of any delay you have experienced. If it gives a recorded arrival time of 20:20, for example, its actual arrival time could have been between 20:20:00 and 20:20:59. I hope this explains any slight differences noticed but it's absolutely never been our intention to challenge or dispute the extent you've been delayed, in any way.
I am also pleased to have the chance to explain where we stand in regard to the recent government announcement regarding January's fares increase, which changes the formula the government uses to calculate average regulated fare rises from RPI+1per cent to RPI+3per cent.

While we can think of many things that we would like to spend the extra money on, the extra revenue generated is actually returned direct to the Government. This was a commitment set by them as part of our Franchise agreement and is the same for all UK train operators.

Once again, I am sorry we delayed you on Monday.

Kind regards

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